Monday, October 22, 2012


What if I told you that you could shop AND have an impact on a child's life? Double jackpot right!?!? That's the mindset that gave birth to Nigerian owned, TS4A- a clothing line dedicated to improving the livelihood and future of children in Africa.

Inspired by the importance of social responsibility while on a trip to Brazil, TS4A founder, Azuka Omesiete found a way to blend his entrepreneurial spirit with his vision for the future generations of Africa;
"TS4A targets the younger crowd. It's a great way to get these kids to be socially responsible- they're giving back on a daily basis".

Launched in October at The Nigerian Independence Day Parade in NYC, TS4A looks forward to bringing more "apparel with a conscience" while raising awareness to help alleviate the problems faced in Africa.

Azuka reminds us that TS4A is not a non-profit organization;
"we're just entrepreneurs trying to do the little we can, with the little we have."
Well they are surely doing a lot! Proceeds from the sales made at the Parade earlier this month benefited children at the Charity Home in Apapa, Lagos :)

Cool concept eh? Well "Keep calm and set P" -
Let's GO --> order your T's today :)

TS4A will be hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive this year; contact for more details.

Love & Light

SiSi xx

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nigerians say "No More" to Dana Air

After receiving about 10 broadcasts this evening, I finally decided to open one and read it...

Just 3 months after the fatal crash that tore through the lives of many Nigerians, claiming 153 lives, the Federal suspension assigned to DANA Airlines has been lifted. Known as Black Sunday in Nigeria, the stories associated with this tragedy are heartbreaking. As the nation continues to mourn, many are surprised to see that after a small slap on the wrist, business with DANA airlines is expected to resume as usual.

Lacking the support from the Federal government, families of the victims are taking matters into their own hands and asking everyone to join the boycott of DANA airlines. Although this will not bring their families back, the hopes are that by standing up for the rights of their loved ones, they can help to save the lives of many in the future.

To sign the petition, click here.

Thank you Obi Ajuonuma for providing us with a platform to come together, so that our voices may be heard. Our condolences continue to go out to your family and the many families affected by this.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#MusicFAB Blindly in Love

FAB artist Duncan Daniels is notorious for his eclectic taste in music as he surprises us once again with the production of Blindly in Love.

Love the song! *3 snaps Duncan* (@Dunkishrock)

Such a FAB video starring him and his leading lady...did anyone else recognize the actor that plays the role of the thief? LOL

Enjoy the Video lovers!!

Get FABulously inspired.

SiSi. xx